The heretic wrote it and you still don’t read? Translated by Reemy (3 languages available)

All those who have a strong past will have an even stronger future. They have never been betrayed by interrogation, and  they drunk the traditional milk which made them unbelievers; the good God will forgive them; the Almighty is known for his forgiveness. The world is gradually going straight to a total upheaval. Nevertheless, the world, despite all the kinds of struggles that are going on, has not wriggled. So it’s not even necessary to do anything anymore because everything goes straight to the point of no return, goodbye and thank you.
Head forward. Without hesitation, he said what he had to say devoid of all temptations, changing all realities, and freezing all the reasons.
Those who read will survive, writers remain immortal. the heretic wrote it and you still don’t read?
Geçmişi güçlü olanların geleceği her zaman daha güçlü olmuş ve hiç sorgulanma ihanetine uğramamışken, helal süt emmiş taklidi yapan bir kafir, Allahtan af buyurur hale gelmiş.
Ama dünya dönmüş durmuş. Silkememiş ya da siklememiş. Hiç gereği yokken aynı hataya devam etmiş bile bile, güle güle. Başını öne eğivermiş. Deyivermiş demek istediğini ve deyiş etmiş özdeyişini, değiş etmiş gerçeklerini, gerekçelerini söğüş etmiş. Okuyarak hayatta kalanlara, yazarak ölümsüz olmayı lütfetmiş kafir.
Kafir yazmış ve siz hala okumaz mısınız?
Tous ceux qui ont un fort passé bénéficieront d’un futur encore plus fort et vu qu’il n’ont jamais été trahi par l’interrogatoire, et qu’ils ont bu du lait traditionnel qui a fait d’eux des non-croyant, le bon Dieu leur pardonnera; le tout puissant est connu par son pardon. Le monde petit à petit va droit vers un chamboulement total. Néanmoins, le monde malgré toutes les sortes de luttes qui s’opèrent n’a pas gigoté. Ce n’est donc même plus nécessaire de faire quoique ça soit car tout va droit à l’erreur, au revoir et merci.
Tête en avant. Sans aucune hésitation, il a dit ce qu’il avait à dire dépourvu de toutes les tentations, en changeant toutes les réalités, et en gelant toutes les raisons.
Ceux qui lisent survivront, les écrivains eux demeurent immortels. Le non croyant lui, au moins il a écrit; mais vous, vous ne lisez toujours pas?? 


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