A single soul dwelling in two bodies.

The human being, humanity what does it mean ?? Can a human being live alone ?? Does he […]

Love across the bridge…

This is no longer the time for postcards nor letters meticulously written; those that carry tons of feelings, […]

Not a coincidence at all (3 languages available) “Tesadüf falan degil aslında” translated by Reemy

English Actually, it is not a pure coincidence that people meet each other. It’s just that the unprivileged […]

Fragile Dreams

“The dreams” structured on fragile lies can never stay alive and “the lies” structured on “fragile dreams” can […]

Yanılsamalar; Illusions (3 languages) translated by Reemy

English When you revealed to me your love for your illusions, I realized the value of my life […]

We are happy; we are in love…

One day I woke up a little nervous I said to myself there is a something not turning […]