Weak Electro

How could you introduce yourself when you are introduced to someone you never met before while you start […]

Biçimsiz çekimsiz

Belki sayfa çok beyaz Göz aldı yazamadı… Paspas kirli sifon çekimsiz Belki yek yaşayamadı daraldı Biçimsiz bir bahar […]

Fighting for Nothing

To begin with let me ask you something. who is attacking the other with no reason? who is […]


Life is short..Do we really need to use words??? we are friends, we are lovers.. we are ants […]

Breathe twice…

Falled from nowhere, Collapsed to anywhere, Found somewhere, Here for a fake infinity, Held between heaven and earth for […]


Days are passing by, many months passed too. A very long time that I cannot even count. We […]

…معتقل الحب المستحيل

مضت أيام، أشهر من طول مدّتها لا قدرة لي على عدّها، لم نتحدث فيها أبدا على غير العادة، […]

Acıdan… Bazen net konuşmayabilirim

(Ne) derken çektireceğin acının dilini hiç anlamayacak olman çok daha acınası bir dilsel durum yaratacak olmasına rağmen, geberene […]

😊Isn’t she lovely “Neapolis”

  Greedy of jasmine and of mogra flower, hungry for yore flavors; wishing a hot cup of tea […]

😊Belle, belle, belle… “Neapolis”



(Yırtın bakalım o aslıyla estetiği hiç bir zaman eşleşemeyecek olan sarkık bacak üstü kaba etlerinizi…az daha yırtın…şimdi koşun…koşun […]

Not a coincidence at all (3 languages available) “Tesadüf falan degil aslında” translated by Reemy

English Actually, it is not a pure coincidence that people meet each other. It’s just that the unprivileged […]

The freak…

And the freak still talks about outsider lies no matter how weak they are. No matter how deep, […]

Because i love you …

Desire is even more intense than pleasure

Que je t’aime…

…..Le Désire est encore plus intense que le plaisir….

Fragile Dreams

“The dreams” structured on fragile lies can never stay alive and “the lies” structured on “fragile dreams” can […]


After trying to decide who is wrong or right, the genes of a bedazzled deceiver can easily decide […]

The unkind future and unfaithful past

Every one was born, on a specific date, specific hour, by day lights or through the hiss of […]

🔬Experiences …

Through days and among the years the big “H” accumulates experiences. Several types of experiences professional, personal, social […]

🔬Expériences …

Les jours passent et les années se succèdent et l’homme “H” cumule ses expériences. Plusieurs types d’expériences; professionnelles, […]