Indian Talk

Just like a petit junky mosquito flying around a warm horse shit to save the day; we are all trying to get the best smell of a rotten soul called sincerity, familiarity, frankness or truthfulness in vain. Somewhere (time) on earth, the wisdom of the apes is even against this foolishness. While it’s so easy cheating easy people with easy words; why should we pretend not to be pumpkins? And why are we looking for the right vegetable if it’s not us? Do you think fruit deserves a chance to be the God of our lives though we are all still looking for the real God never exists? Or being captivated by unrelated items struggling with related idioms could easily make you feel blue? No it can’t.  Your id talks for hours and you gaze at the silent door never closed, never knocked, expectedly unlocked while it’s so easy to open shields to an enemy already inside listening decayed songs. Just after seconds or decades, hearing the wicked, never-ending shaky stories on dangerous grounds will never make you skate on the ice so-called…

Dax Riggs – “Say Goodnight To The World”


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