Flying Carpet

At the birth of this brilliant little ray of sunshine, which, at the dawn of each morning taking off his wings gently to welcome the warm spring; I stole glances through my window; hand held out, hoping to catch this glow, this transparent and magical thread that could get close to you, make me forget the distance that separates us. I hate this distance, so cruel, she deprived me of happiness … Because of it I couldn’t smell your fresh odor, that I carefully kept deep in my nostrils, it deprived me of your hands so soft on my skin and that I miss too much… what I fear most is your sensual kiss, which bewitched me; despite its short duration had a butterfly effect … it carried me on a flying carpet and rocked me so tenderly between the stars and the moon; in distant heavens I got lost till you caught me and surrounded me with your so tender arms; you hugged me so gently, the hug I always dreamed of, you have wrapped me with love … lost in this light, my day has passed, the evening is already here … waiting for the birth of sunshine’s ray of our next meeting I wish you a nice evening …


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