A single soul dwelling in two bodies.

The human being, humanity what does it mean ?? Can a human being live alone ?? Does he […]

The buried brain

An incredible private pain struggling in vain can never help the brain buried in a head inhaling two […]

Promotional language

Some kind of stupid simple games can teach you more than you can imagine, and you still insist […]

Weak Electro

How could you introduce yourself when you are introduced to someone you never met before while you start […]

Fighting for Nothing

To begin with let me ask you something. who is attacking the other with no reason? who is […]


Life is short..Do we really need to use words??? we are friends, we are lovers.. we are ants […]


Days are passing by, many months passed too. A very long time that I cannot even count. We […]

…معتقل الحب المستحيل

مضت أيام، أشهر من طول مدّتها لا قدرة لي على عدّها، لم نتحدث فيها أبدا على غير العادة، […]

Acıdan… Bazen net konuşmayabilirim

(Ne) derken çektireceğin acının dilini hiç anlamayacak olman çok daha acınası bir dilsel durum yaratacak olmasına rağmen, geberene […]


(Yırtın bakalım o aslıyla estetiği hiç bir zaman eşleşemeyecek olan sarkık bacak üstü kaba etlerinizi…az daha yırtın…şimdi koşun…koşun […]

Not a coincidence at all (3 languages available) “Tesadüf falan degil aslında” translated by Reemy

English Actually, it is not a pure coincidence that people meet each other. It’s just that the unprivileged […]


After trying to decide who is wrong or right, the genes of a bedazzled deceiver can easily decide […]

The unkind future and unfaithful past

Every one was born, on a specific date, specific hour, by day lights or through the hiss of […]

🔬Experiences …

Through days and among the years the big “H” accumulates experiences. Several types of experiences professional, personal, social […]

🔬Expériences …

Les jours passent et les années se succèdent et l’homme “H” cumule ses expériences. Plusieurs types d’expériences; professionnelles, […]

Hiding …

While you are feeling like you were never born, you make calculations on nothing you can never care […]


You respect it but the word doesn’t respect you and this “Respect” word tries to force you not […]

Life by none…

We were created to live. Are we really living? or are we just existing in this huge globe? […]

“The cooperation”

While the whole world is fighting, Epsilon and Lamda are creating a kind of magical mixture. The result […]


Le partage; combien de fois par jour utilise-t-on ce mot, mais est ce qu’on le fait vraiment? cette […]