…the awareness of the feeling uncomfortably numb is indeed what is behind the scene…

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The Unnamed Rainbow

…the weak fucking same thing that you are already dead but I played very well…

A single soul dwelling in two bodies.

The human being, humanity what does it mean ?? Can a human being live alone ?? Does he […]


Days are passing by, many months passed too. A very long time that I cannot even count. We […]

…معتقل الحب المستحيل

مضت أيام، أشهر من طول مدّتها لا قدرة لي على عدّها، لم نتحدث فيها أبدا على غير العادة، […]

The freak…

And the freak still talks about outsider lies no matter how weak they are. No matter how deep, […]

Fragile Dreams

“The dreams” structured on fragile lies can never stay alive and “the lies” structured on “fragile dreams” can […]


Fresh flesh reality absorbed from the tender sensuality of a weak breath is unfortunately enough to make your […]

Yanılsamalar; Illusions (3 languages) translated by Reemy

English When you revealed to me your love for your illusions, I realized the value of my life […]

To Him, who won’t recognize himself….

Him, yes, him who won’t recognize himself. how do you want him to recognize himself, everything is the […]

Lui, lui qui ne se reconnaîtra pas…

Lui, oui lui qui ne se reconnait pas. comment veux tu qu’il se reconnaisse, tout est fruit d’un […]

… اشتقت إليك

اشتقت إليك و لضحكتك لذلك الطفل بداخلك، لكلامك و سلامك لكل ما فيك…   مذ عرفتك غدوت أعدُّ الأيَّامَ لا […]

I Miss You ….

I miss you, I miss  your laughter, I miss the child inside you, I miss your words, your […]

With you in September…

In the cradle of your hands so fine and bewitching, I became dozing. You clasped me tightly against […]

Un matin de Septembre avec toi…

“L’automne est un deuxième printemps où chaque feuille est une fleur”

Flying Carpet

At the birth of this brilliant little ray of sunshine, which, at the dawn of each morning taking […]

❄☄Blue Diamond

Life was generous, and by chance I met a lot of people but above all a person who […]

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❄☄Le Diamant de Neige

La  vie a été généreuse, et par hasard j’ai rencontré beaucoup de personnes mais surtout une personne qui […]