The freak…

And the freak still talks about outsider lies no matter how weak they are. No matter how deep, […]

Because i love you …

Desire is even more intense than pleasure

Fragile Dreams

“The dreams” structured on fragile lies can never stay alive and “the lies” structured on “fragile dreams” can […]


After trying to decide who is wrong or right, the genes of a bedazzled deceiver can easily decide […]

The unkind future and unfaithful past

Every one was born, on a specific date, specific hour, by day lights or through the hiss of […]

🔬Experiences …

Through days and among the years the big “H” accumulates experiences. Several types of experiences professional, personal, social […]

You will kneel…

Watch how weak they are under a fake cloud and watch how sick they are above that same cloud. It’s a pleasure to experience […]

Hiding …

While you are feeling like you were never born, you make calculations on nothing you can never care […]


You respect it but the word doesn’t respect you and this “Respect” word tries to force you not […]

Life by none…

We were created to live. Are we really living? or are we just existing in this huge globe? […]

Hey you, always doing what you’re told, Can you help us?…

The globe was created in peace, exactly in water … It begins 3,85 billion years ago, with cells of […]


Fresh flesh reality absorbed from the tender sensuality of a weak breath is unfortunately enough to make your […]

The Miserable story of an “Egg” “Yumurta” Translated by Reemy (3 languages available)

English Making a sentence, enriching it with words and expressions is more difficult than digging deep in oneself’s […]

“The cooperation”

While the whole world is fighting, Epsilon and Lamda are creating a kind of magical mixture. The result […]

The heretic wrote it and you still don’t read? Translated by Reemy (3 languages available)

English All those who have a strong past will have an even stronger future. They have never been […]


When I take a step to you, you take twice back away from me …When I try to […]

Yanılsamalar; Illusions (3 languages) translated by Reemy

English When you revealed to me your love for your illusions, I realized the value of my life […]

kadın (2 languages available) translated by Reemy

English Tonight, what if we get drunk dear, What if you accompany me, What if you cherish me, […]

Pawns (3 languages available) translated by Reemy

English You will very soon understand what the pawns of my country do when they get bored, you […]


To share; how many times a day do we use that word, but are we really doing it? […]