The Ego

The man stands up, swaying, bottle in palm, and gazes around the room as the noise slows down, and everybody’s eyes on him. Men pull up their seats, willing to hear the story or the song or whatever. The old man cries with a wild disappointment in his eyes…

çok saçma

Olmayan aklında hafif bir son ya da bahar belirdi belli belirsiz zayıf bir kış akşamında ama Türkçe’ye çevrildiğinde […]

Greenish Gray

Digging holy holes denyingly, just like lightening a light cigar from the middle, all look for the main […]

Our Dream

As if  it was shining through the glory of light, the dust was almost gathered behind a weak door […]


Yes; it feels like you are dying under a silver icy blanket; with no pain begging, with a  […]

You have never met the fall before…

Smoke my soup before you clean your hands and feed your dogs; after I choose them as you […]

👶The Rebirth …

The good god created man, a closed set of body soul and brain, but open to interact with […]

👶La Renaissance…

Le bon dieu a créé l’homme, un ensemble fermé de corps âme et cerveau, mais ouvert pour interagir avec ceux […]