The Ego

The man stands up, swaying, bottle in palm, and gazes around the room as the noise slows down, and everybody’s eyes on him. Men pull up their seats, willing to hear the story or the song or whatever. The old man cries with a wild disappointment in his eyes…

çok saçma

Olmayan aklında hafif bir son ya da bahar belirdi belli belirsiz zayıf bir kış akşamında ama Türkçe’ye çevrildiğinde […]

Raise your Words

Nobody wants to write or talk about a weak story hidden by a necrophile trying to sleep under […]

Breathe twice…

Falled from nowhere, Collapsed to anywhere, Found somewhere, Here for a fake infinity, Held between heaven and earth for […]

Hey toi, qui fais toujours ce qu’on te dicte, peux-tu nous aider? …

La vie a commencé dans l’eau; l’un des éléments de la réalité universelle … Il y a de […]

You will kneel…

Watch how weak they are under a fake cloud and watch how sick they are above that same cloud. It’s a pleasure to experience […]

Hey you, always doing what you’re told, Can you help us?…

The globe was created in peace, exactly in water … It begins 3,85 billion years ago, with cells of […]

The Miserable story of an “Egg” “Yumurta” Translated by Reemy (3 languages available)

English Making a sentence, enriching it with words and expressions is more difficult than digging deep in oneself’s […]

The heretic wrote it and you still don’t read? Translated by Reemy (3 languages available)

English All those who have a strong past will have an even stronger future. They have never been […]

Tuna nehri…

Tuna nehri etrafında dolanan Osman Paşa’nın hakkını kaçınız verebilir ki mesela emirle bıyık bırakan adamların emirleri emir sayılsın. Peki […]

kimseleri kör hissettirmemeli…

Hasetten kibri erimiş ruhların göz önünde durmaları, hiç kimseleri kör hissettirmemeli. O anlayamasın diye, kimse dil değiştirmemeli. Zavallının hazımsızlığı, boş […]

Pawns (3 languages available) translated by Reemy

English You will very soon understand what the pawns of my country do when they get bored, you […]


Yes; it feels like you are dying under a silver icy blanket; with no pain begging, with a  […]

L’ascension du billet Vert / The ascent of the green ticket … translated by Reemy (article is available in 3 languages)

English The Syrian artists, lost in their slumber, leaving the kokoreç kiosk and fighting against the tyrants seeking […]