Our Dream

As if┬á┬áit was shining through the glory of light, the dust was almost gathered behind a weak door […]

The buried brain

An incredible private pain struggling in vain can never help the brain buried in a head inhaling two […]

Promotional language

Some kind of stupid simple games can teach you more than you can imagine, and you still insist […]

Weak Electro

How could you introduce yourself when you are introduced to someone you never met before while you start […]

Bi├žimsiz ├žekimsiz

Belki sayfa ├žok beyaz G├Âz ald─▒ yazamad─▒ÔÇŽ Paspas kirli sifon ├žekimsiz Belki yek ya┼čayamad─▒ darald─▒ Bi├žimsiz bir bahar […]


Life is short..Do we really need to use words??? we are friends, we are lovers.. we are ants […]

Ac─▒dan… Bazen net konu┼čmayabilirim

(Ne) derken ├žektirece─čin ac─▒n─▒n dilini hi├ž anlamayacak olman ├žok daha ac─▒nas─▒ bir dilsel durum yaratacak olmas─▒na ra─čmen, geberene […]


(Y─▒rt─▒n bakal─▒m o asl─▒yla esteti─či hi├ž bir zaman e┼čle┼čemeyecek olan sark─▒k bacak ├╝st├╝ kaba etlerinizi…az daha y─▒rt─▒n…┼čimdi ko┼čun…ko┼čun […]

Not a coincidence at all (3 languages available) “Tesad├╝f falan degil asl─▒nda” translated by Reemy

English Actually, it is not a pure coincidence that people meet each other. It’s just that the unprivileged […]

The freak…

And the freak still talks about outsider lies no matter how weak they are. No matter how deep, […]

Fragile Dreams

ÔÇťThe dreamsÔÇŁ structured on fragile lies can never stay alive and ÔÇťthe liesÔÇŁ structured on ÔÇťfragile dreamsÔÇŁ can […]


After trying to decide who is wrong or right, the genes of a bedazzled deceiver can easily decide […]

You will kneel…

Watch┬áhow┬áweak┬áthey are under a fake cloud and┬áwatch┬áhow┬ásick they are above that same cloud. It’s a pleasure to experience […]

Hiding …

While you are feeling like you were never born, you make calculations on nothing you can never care […]


You respect it but the word doesnÔÇÖt respect you and this ÔÇťRespectÔÇŁ word tries to force you not […]


Fresh flesh reality absorbed from the tender sensuality of a weak breath is unfortunately enough to make your […]

The Miserable story of an “Egg” “Yumurta” Translated by Reemy (3 languages available)

English Making a sentence, enriching it with words and expressions is more difficult than digging deep in oneself’s […]

The heretic wrote it and you still don’t read? Translated by Reemy (3 languages available)

English All those who have a strong past will have an even stronger future. They have never been […]

Tuna nehri…

Tuna nehri etraf─▒nda dolanan Osman Pa┼čaÔÇÖn─▒n hakk─▒n─▒ ka├ž─▒n─▒z verebilir ki mesela emirle b─▒y─▒k b─▒rakan adamlar─▒n emirleri emir say─▒ls─▒n.┬áPeki […]

kimseleri k├Âr hissettirmemeli…

Hasetten kibri erimi┼č ruhlar─▒n g├Âz ├Ân├╝nde durmalar─▒, hi├ž kimseleri k├Âr hissettirmemeli.┬áO anlayamas─▒n diye, kimse dil de─či┼čtirmemeli.┬áZavall─▒n─▒n haz─▒ms─▒zl─▒─č─▒, bo┼č […]