A single soul dwelling in two bodies.

The human being, humanity what does it mean ?? Can a human being live alone ?? Does he have to look for his soulmate ?? What’s a soulmate ?? Is it love or something else ?? I think it’s something more important and more interesting than love… I read once that love lasts only 3 years, does love means making love? I don’t think so. Making love is important but I don’t think that it’s enough, we need to feel more than love, we need to feel free, to feel comfortable, we need to feel that we are only a body with two complementary souls, we need to read our partner’s signs of distress and we need to avoid them… As Aristotle‏ said: “Without friends, no one would choose to live, though he had all other goods.” a lover has to be the friend, the family, the relatives he has to be the one who will understand your silence, the one who will care about your missed meal, who will cry deeply if he has not heard from you for two long hours, who will carry you when you are dead drunk, who will tell you how beautiful you are while you are vomiting, the one who will fill in the blanks of your uncompleted sentences. I talked a lot maybe, but I Have just said nothing, do you think that I was talking about love stories??? absolutely wrong, cause I wasn’t, I was only describing things as they have to be, while unfortunately, they aren’t… Life and relationships are easy and difficult at the same time. we are usually, madly carried by physical or sexual needs as if we are animals, just like we were primitively created, but we need to use the precious brain that we were gifted with… Actually, we need to be mad and even foolish sometimes, to sing and chore, we need to feel relaxed when we are accompanied even in the water-closet, even while taking the evening shower, even when snoring, even when farting… While looking for the meaning of the verb “sharing” we should easily find it in the behavior of a healthy relationship. At a glance, it’s not that difficult nor that unapproachable but many humain being can’t find it, or even if they find it they don’t fight for it cause it is tiring or cause it will take time, money and a lot of energy to reach it. But please tell me isn’t it worth???? and I wish you were here

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