Love across the bridge…

This is no longer the time for postcards nor letters meticulously written; those that carry tons of feelings, […]

L’amour sur le pont…

Ce n’est plus l’époque où il y avait les cartes postales, les lettres méticuleusement rédigées; celles qui transportaient des […]

Weak Electro

How could you introduce yourself when you are introduced to someone you never met before while you start […]

Biçimsiz çekimsiz

Belki sayfa çok beyaz Göz aldı yazamadı… Paspas kirli sifon çekimsiz Belki yek yaşayamadı daraldı Biçimsiz bir bahar […]

Fighting for Nothing

To begin with let me ask you something. who is attacking the other with no reason? who is […]


Life is short..Do we really need to use words??? we are friends, we are lovers.. we are ants […]