L’ascension du billet Vert / The ascent of the green ticket … translated by Reemy (article is available in 3 languages)

English The Syrian artists, lost in their slumber, leaving the kokoreç kiosk and fighting against the tyrants seeking […]

You have never met the fall before…

Smoke my soup before you clean your hands and feed your dogs; after I choose them as you […]


We run, we run, we are exhausted but we never stop. We lose ourselves running, we stray in […]


On court, on court, et on s’épuise en courant mais on ne s’arrête jamais. On se perd en […]

👶The Rebirth …

The good god created man, a closed set of body soul and brain, but open to interact with […]

👶La Renaissance…

Le bon dieu a créé l’homme, un ensemble fermé de corps âme et cerveau, mais ouvert pour interagir avec ceux […]

… اشتقت إليك

اشتقت إليك و لضحكتك لذلك الطفل بداخلك، لكلامك و سلامك لكل ما فيك…   مذ عرفتك غدوت أعدُّ الأيَّامَ لا […]

I Miss You ….

I miss you, I miss  your laughter, I miss the child inside you, I miss your words, your […]