😊Isn’t she lovely “Neapolis”


Greedy of jasmine and of mogra flower, hungry for yore flavors; wishing a hot cup of tea delicately flavoured with mint  freshly picked from the garden,
And by the sunset, and in front the peacefull seaside, a Turkish coffee watered with bitter orange blossom will tickle your nostrils; that orange blossom which was delicately picked from the well-kept bigaradiers all over the winter and preciously distilled in each house of the city at the dawn of the first rays of spring, following the techniques introduced by the Andalusians and carefully maintained by the natives of the new city …

new city by its name, but old by its history, considered as one of the rare cities of the Maghreb to bear a Greek name, it is also the oldest city mentionned after Carthage and none ignores its importance during the Punic period. News about the new city fullfill thousands of publications of renowned books all around the world. What makes her charm more and more captivating ….

 In lack of conviviality, of human warmth and especially of spontaneity, eager for a true and sincere hug and without any back thought, you will be really pleased cause it is a usual habit, almost all day long in the small alleys of the new city, between neighbors and friends or even the guests coming from everywhere else and who will always be warmly welcomed ….
The spree will also be an opportunity to share a moment around a cold distinguished lemonade, harvested on the famous lemon tree of the region … accompanied by a circle cake ⭕️ stuffed with almonds, and subtly cradled by a gentle summer breeze conveying a sweet fragrance of the beach mixing iodine, sand and tanning sun ☀️  …

The new city, is truely a part of paradise, it’s a piece of the peninsula where we can discover the sweetness of life. It’s an alternation of plains and trays, villages, and unique beaches… It’s a magical place that will never stop taking you away, and reviving in you the ancient eras to find out its unique and mixed cultures, its specefic culinary arts and its luxuriousness nature… Passaging through the peninsula is actually unavoidable, it is a kind of love at first sight, that no one could hide or deny …


sidi mahrsi
New city, my dear city, Nabeul, Nepolis queen of the Mediterranean, Mermaid of the ocean, how beautiful you are; and I could never describe you as it should be … Neapolis princess of my heart, may God bless you.
😊Isn’t she lovely To be Continued …

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