kırmızı balon

Hatası olmayanla, başından beri seni dört tekerlekli bisiklet gibi sĂĽrmeye çalışan iki aykırı uzvun ayırdına varamıyorsan , ya […]

Maudit HĂ©ritage

C’est Hallucinant le nombre de fois qu’on croise le mot Ă©ducation! et c’est aussi frappant le nombre de […]

The Ego

The man stands up, swaying, bottle in palm, and gazes around the room as the noise slows down, and everybody’s eyes on him. Men pull up their seats, willing to hear the story or the song or whatever. The old man cries with a wild disappointment in his eyes…

çok saçma

Olmayan aklında hafif bir son ya da bahar belirdi belli belirsiz zayıf bir kış akĹźamında ama TĂĽrkçe’ye çevrildiÄźinde […]


…the awareness of the feeling uncomfortably numb is indeed what is behind the scene…

Sharp happiness

“As long as there is life, there is hope Is not it?”

Happy New Year 2019

Dièse du Bonheur

Tant qu’il y a vie, il y a espoir N’est-ce-pas?

Bonne Année 2019

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Raise your Words

Nobody wants to write or talk about a weak story hidden by a necrophile trying to sleep under […]

The Winter

And the winter will never be cold enough to get the most humiliating and devastating answer till you see it naked, pure, forgotten by artificial snow blowing gently.

Greenish Gray

Digging holy holes denyingly, just like lightening a light cigar from the middle, all look for the main […]

Indian Talk

Just like a petit junky mosquito flying around a warm horse shit to save the day; we are […]

The Unnamed Rainbow

…the weak fucking same thing that you are already dead but I played very well…

Our Dream

As if  it was shining through the glory of light, the dust was almost gathered behind a weak door […]

A single soul dwelling in two bodies.

The human being, humanity what does it mean ?? Can a human being live alone ?? Does he […]

The buried brain

An incredible private pain struggling in vain can never help the brain buried in a head inhaling two […]

Promotional language

Some kind of stupid simple games can teach you more than you can imagine, and you still insist […]

Love across the bridge…

This is no longer the time for postcards nor letters meticulously written; those that carry tons of feelings, […]

L’amour sur le pont…

Ce n’est plus l’Ă©poque oĂą il y avait les cartes postales, les lettres mĂ©ticuleusement rĂ©digĂ©es; celles qui transportaient des […]